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HBO Mythic Movie Contest - Winners

Staff from halo.bungie.org and Bungie personnel sat down and watched all 57 submissions to this contest... and one strong winner emerged. A number of other entries also scored high... so we're giving the top 6 movies the following prizes:

  • Recon Armor
  • Bungie Pro, which adds enormously to your FileShare options on Bungie.net
  • 1 Mythic Map code to distribute as the winner chooses

imSuck, the creator of the top-scoring video, will also receive an extra pair of Mythic Map Pack codes (for a total of 3), and a small physical box (contents to be determined) from Bungie, in recognition of his superlative work.

There aren't a lot of intangible prizes that can be supplied - so in those cases where a winner already HAS a supplied prize (Recon armor, for example, or Bungie Pro), they will have to be satisfied with the fact that they won - if we can think of alternatives for those people, we will supply them, but most likely they'll just get whatever ELSE is on their list.

(We HAD picked 7 movies to get prizes - but one of the winners never responded to emails asking for further information. If you aren't planning on checking your email... you shouldn't enter our contests.)

We'd also like to highlight one film which provided entertainment on an entirely different level. The creator won't get Recon, or Bungie Pro... but we will provide a Mythic Map Pack code, because the video pleased many people on many levels.

So without further ado... here are our winners! (Click the thumbs to watch)

Grand Prize

Mythic Promo, by imSuck
37 mb, 640x480, WMP9 format


Mythic Map Pack Trailer Wars, by Edawg
9 mb, 480x480, MPEG-4 format

Mythic Map Trailer, by A Free Monk
66.5 mb, 1280x720, QuickTime format

Mythic Trailer Final, by ooohemgeee
46 mb, 1280x720, MPEG-4 format

Mythic Map Pack Trailer, by FireDragon04
86 mb, 720x408, WMP9 format

Trailer, by cellxz
58 mb, 720x480, QuickTime format

Special Mention

A Mythic Hope, by ACGUY15
23 mb, 640x480, WMP9 format